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Heritage Monuments also creates signage for municipalities, businesses and even markers for subdivisions that are designed to draw attention, add a sense of permanence and prominence and withstand the elements of time and nature.

The signage designed for Quinte West Municipal Offices and Public Library was created out of solid grey granite with a matt finish and carved letters on both sides. The rectangular slab of granite is solidly supported for optimum visual effect on two granite pedestals. An oval shape was sandblasted into each side of the stone for the insertion of the Quinte West logo.

Heritage Monuments also created a massive, custom designed, polished granite sign for North Murray Industrial park. This particular piece measures eight feet across the centre and is flanked on either side by nine foot wings. An aluminum logo and letters were added to the granite structure. The giant, instantly recognizable sign dominates the landscape around it and will stand solid against the test of time.

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