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No request is beyond the capabilities of the incredibly gifted and experienced craftsmen of Heritage Monuments. Our finest efforts and the highest level of quality go into every intricate detail of each monument, whether a simple, smaller memorial or a stately family mausoleum.


At a time of loss, faith often becomes the source of strength that binds families together, offering them divine comfort, hope and peace. Heritage Monuments can help you select from many design options to reflect the faith shared by your family and your loved one.

Our Heritage Monuments' craftsmen can capture, with exquisite detail, the reverence of praying hands, the powerful symbolism of a cross, an open bible, or the stunning image of Christ praying in the garden. Symbols of faith themselves, a large variety of floral adornments are also available to etch or carve into a monument to enhance and provide deeper meaning to a design. Angels can offer a striking and ethereal quality to a memorial and the breathtaking beauty and grace of a sculpted angel watching over your loved one is both comforting and timeless.

Let your loved one's monument forever reflect the true beauty of their religious devotion and bring strength and peace to their family for years to come.


At Heritage Monuments, we have countless design options from our world of nature to choose from to personalize your monument. From birds and flowers to lakes and trees, your loved one's monument will be created to reflect their love of nature or the pure symbolism of nature's elements.

The beauty and purity of marriage is represented in the above photo with two doves holding entwined wedding rings. The delicate detail gives the design a three dimensional quality that makes the doves appear to hover on the polished black surface between two floating maple leaves.

The love and joy we experience and share in life and our connection to nature is depicted in the exquisite detailed etchings of small birds enjoying nature's life-giving force and unequalled beauty. The carved and sculpted florals and leaves also reflect a person's love and appreciation for the natural, simple, yet profound beauty surrounding us.

For generations to come, your loved one's monument will serve as testimony to their lasting love for and connection to the beauty, wonder and symbolism of nature.


A popular trend in monument design is the incorporation of lifestyle elements to create a very personalized, unique touch to each individual stone. Heritage Monuments will help you create a personalized legacy to highlight, honour and celebrate that special gift, interest or accomplishment your loved one treasured most.

At Heritage Monuments, we can help you select from existing images to be etched or carved into your monument, or use a special photo submitted by family to transform the design into a "portrait in stone" that will endure for generations.

Whether you choose a bas relief carving of a golfer on a putting green, a peaceful etching of loons on a lake, the sculpture of a skateboard or a sentimental image of the family farm, your loved one's monument will tell their story and preserve those priceless memories for today and always. The possibilities are endless.

Let Heritage Monuments help guide you in creating a personalized legacy, a unique and beautiful monument that will forever warm the hearts and souls of family and friends who come to visit, reminisce and remember.


Greek Community

A towering monument marking a community church captures the qualities, the faith and the pride of a particular culture. It is a stunning combination of etching, carving and sculpture. Variations in texture create various shades of colour that add visual interest, balance and focus to the monument's design. This monument stands as an enduring symbol of this cultural and religious community.


A sculpted Celtic cross sits high atop a large, niche style monument as a proud symbol of a family's faith and heritage. Reflective, smooth surfaces in shades of charcoal and light grey add a polished beauty and refined quality to the monument. The grey "wash" surrounding the flat stone offers a feeling of protection to the niche below.


The memorial for a family's loving parents radiates the prominent role of faith in their lives. With exquisite artistry and detail, this family monument incorporates many design elements into a stunning work of art, a powerful testimony to the lives, beliefs and heritage of this family's loved ones to endure for generations.


The inconsolable sorrow suffered by a family's loss is profoundly captured in the breathtaking sculpture of a grieving angel holding the wedding ring of the departed loved one. A particularly moving sight, this monument evokes deep emotion in all who view it. The angel becomes the focus of this monument with the details carved onto the face of the stone kept simple and beautifully poignant.

The Wilson Family

A handsome and stately family mausoleum protects the cremations of family members within. Stone pillars add a feeling of support and strength as they help frame the names of family members elegantly carved into the facade of the building. The striking door bearing the family emblem adds a richness and strong sense of family pride. Visitors can rest on the stone benches placed in front of the mausoleum, taking in the natural beauty that surrounds them as they read the inscribed names and recall cherished memories of their loved ones.

Heritage Monuments is committed to designing and creating monuments to capture a cherished memory, an emotion, a special quality or feature unique to a loved one, an entire family or even a cultural group. The exquisite craftsmanship and enduring quality of all of our work will ensure your monument stands the test of time and will be a source of great family pride as they gather in honour and remembrance.

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