Where lives are honoured and legacies created

At Heritage Monuments, no truer words have been spoken than..."A picture is worth a thousand words."

Our attention to detail is exquisite. We consistently strive to capture an accurate "picture" or "overall design" that tells the story of your family or loved one. It is of the utmost importance to us to create a beautiful memorial that speaks a thousand words in just a few.

It all begins with us listening to you. We want to hear about your family and loved ones. We know losing a loved one is difficult. We are here to answer all of your questions, to offer helpful suggestions and guidance in selecting the right colour, shape, size and finish for your particular needs. And because "seeing is believing," our designers will present you with a completed sketch of your memorial beforehand, allowing you to see what you are purchasing and feel confident in your selection.

We share our knowledge and anticipate your needs, all the while knowing the final choice is yours.

The creative process begins with design. There are numerous choices available to you that will best suit your individual needs. We will then get to work to transform your design vision into a beautiful work of art that will tell your family's story to both current and future generations.


Once a family has expressed their memorial wishes and have chosen the memorial shape and colour of granite, it is time to bring their vision to life. Employing the latest in design technologies as well as timeless craftsmanship, we create the memorial design according to your family's specifications and wishes.


Using the finest granite from around the world, our craftsmen employ the method of sand-carving to create the lettering and ornamentation that adorns the monuments. This process involves several stages, depending on the level of dimension inherent to the design. Further artistry is necessary to create fine lettering and to ensure that edges are sharply defined and smooth surfaces are flawless.

Sand-carving not only cuts into the granite but it also changes the surface appearance, making carved areas lighter, while polishing darkens the stone. The expert combination of sand-carving and polishing creates beautiful contrasts that enhance the richness of the finished marker or monument.


Etching utilizes a similar contrasting effect in order to create beautiful scenes, emblems and portraits. Our craftsman engraves the image onto the polished surface of the stone using a diamond tipped engraving tool. This tool "scratches" the polished areas, exposing the lighter granite underneath. Normally, black granite is the prime choice for superior etching since it yields the greatest contrast.


Incorporating a sculpted element into the design of a monument adds a striking, 3 dimensional, timeless quality to be admired for generations to come. Our gifted, experienced craftsman will chisel and sculpt the granite into beautiful bas relief designs, with acute attention to the finest of details. Your sculpture can be carved into the face of the stone as well if a smaller design is more in keeping with your taste.

At Heritage Monuments, you can take a great measure of added comfort in knowing that each of our monuments is fully guaranteed to withstand the test of time!

We take pride in our ability to create the perfect memorial at an affordable price, in fact, we invite you to comparison shop. We are confident that you will find our exceptional level of quality and expertise, our personable, respectful, caring service, and our affordable prices unsurpassed!

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